The choice of yellow / 8 April 2014


The choice of yellow / 8 April 2014


“The colour yellow is symbolic of light, but also of energy and knowledge. Those who love yellow are outgoing, not afraid of change, and equipped with a fervent imagination. Yellow promotes concentration and the birth of ideas, and injects vitality.
On the chromatic scale, yellow occupies the position immediately after white. It has a wavelength between 565 and 590 nanometres. In the natural world, yellow signals danger; a signal also employed by man due to its brightness and immediate recognisability, to the extent that school buses, taxis and traffic lights are yellow.


A primary colour and therefore the foundation of innumerable shades, yellow was one of the favourite colours of artists such as Matisse and Gauguin, the Fauves, and abstract painters such as Mirò. If the former mixed it and expressed it in dozens of different shades, the latter’s predominant yellow was saturated, pure and free of any other chromatic contamination.


Yellow is the colour of the sun, of heat and of light. The germinating power of yellow can be traced to all civilisations: in mythology, the warm rays of the sun are considered generators of life.

Yellow esoterically indicates the active and creative principle associated with the masculine, and in mandalas it frequently appears to symbolise the father. In both cases, yellow indicates the development of autonomy and personality and a serene, positive and balanced view of life.”


There you have it: we were not aware of all this when we chose yellow for the colour of our logo.

But we did have a certain inkling…