Remembering is not enough / 13 May 2014 / 13 May 2014

At the end of November, we had our first meeting with the MAXXI communications group, all of them women – like 90% of the people who work there – very talented; never had we been briefed so clearly and completely for a campaign.

First off, they asked us our opinion on the title chosen by their new artistic director for the collection’s re-presentation: “Remembering is not enough”. A demanding title, we commented immediately, difficult to be sure, especially in a city that celebrates so many days of memory … are you really sure, we asked?

Not completely, they said, that’s why we wanted to think about it with you.

In fact, in the intentions of artistic director Hanru, the title had a very precise meaning: contemporary art is something fluid that changes and interacts with the viewer, so it’s not enough to see it once: It’s not enough to remember it.

So the question was how to turn this difficult concept into a campaign to encourage visitors to take another look at the collection.

We decided to give the title’s imperative an even more essential appearance. What came out was a kind of powerful, provocative, grating statement.

We then added a tagline that, while taking up the challenge, unravelled it and issued a reassuring reply.

After all, it was meant to be an invitation to visit – and enjoy – an exhibition!

It worked well, it seems.

And we had a lot of fun at the opening.