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We collaborate with the Pietro Bartoleschi studio, who has been working for decades on designing and developing visual identity projects for various of FAO’s thematic sectors.

In addition to our long and multifaceted communications experience, we have been able to bring some new points of view to Pietro’s vast experience and deep understanding of the language and complexity of this global organization. The following are some of the projects we have worked on together.

What we did

Communication tools
Identity System

FAO projects

COAG, Committee on agriculture
COAG 26, Innovation for sustainable Food and Agriculture
In collaboration with the FAO Office For Corporate Communication (OCC)

Second International Symposium
Scaling up agroecology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs

FAO, WHO and WTO International Forum (2018-2019)
The Future of Food Safety -Transforming knowledge into actions for people economies and the environment