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COAG, Committee on agriculture
COAG 26 - Innovation for sustainable Food and Agriculture
In collaboration with the FAO Office for Corporate Communication (OCC)

A dynamic ribbon of shifting dimensions expresses the ability to adapt to a variety of situations while remaining faithful to the project plan and a grid of rules.

Second International Symposium
Scaling up agroecology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs.
A rhizome has the ability to generate new independent plants even in adverse conditions, and here becomes image, texture and metaphor for the capacity to establish productive links that then branch out in multiple directions.

FAO, WHO and WTO International Forum (2018-2019)
The Future of Food Safety -Transforming knowledge into actions for people economies and the environment

Food is pivotal, macroscopic, essential. Multitudes of men and women bring a broad range of skills and expertise to the task of making sure it is safe.

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