14 January 2016

Disability and handicap are not synonyms. / 14 January 2016

It may seem obvious, but a good communications campaign must be concerned primarily with how words and concepts are understood, and cannot be too careful about that. While confusion between terms can be innocuous and anything but harmful, it is also capable of having a bitter impact on people’s lives and on public opinion. The […]

7 November 2015

The shared image. Can we still speak of journalism? / 7 November 2015

Digital photography poses many problems, some of which Gunthert André attempts to answer in his book L’Image partagée. La photographie numérique (The Shared Image. Digital Photography) (Paris, Textuel, September 2015). In primis the problem of indicialité, or of the photograph being an imprint of reality. The major theorists of the history of photography tend more […]

16 October 2015

Seeing sounds / 16 October 2015

We are pleased to have Giallo feature an article written for us by our friend Guido Barbieri, founder, along with Fabiana Piersanti, of SHE LIVES association.   In musical notation, sign and sound are in basic conflict. The one is ink fixed to paper, the other a wave mobile in time and space. Unavoidably, they are made […]

7 October 2015

At MAXXI the Permanent Collection is Free! A chance to reclaim the art of one’s time. / 7 October 2015’s time.

Meeting up to chat with a friend; relaxing the mind and eyes between one daily chore and another; setting a date, playing truant or pushing a stroller with a baby that just doesn’t want to fall asleep. Sheltering from the rain. Seeking a little corner of peace and quiet during the office lunch break. Taking […]

3 September 2015

From the author’s creativity to the stage, through ink on paper. Poche, the theatre of contemporary writing / 3 September 2015

Mathieu Bertholet is the new manager of Théâtre Le Poche, for which Manolo Michelucci and BCV handle communications. Poche is a small theatre in the heart of the Old Town of Geneva, dedicated to the contemporary and avant-garde from its very beginnings in 1948 when it was still located in the apartment in Grand-Rue 19 […]

5 August 2015

Street Art. One more Rome / 5 August 2015

No longer simply a niche issue or fad, Street Art has been perfectly woven into the urban fabric of a city throbbing with renewed desire. Rome no longer offers itself as the capital of archaeology and treasured ruins alone, and a continuing draw for tourists from around the globe, but also as an open-air museum of […]

28 July 2015

A song for the emergence of thought / 28 July 2015

The many friends of BCV associati and Giallo include SHE LIVES, a cultural association founded by Fabiana Piersanti, Guido Barbieri and Alessio Elia, who have taken on the task of familiarising their contemporaries with their music. Indeed, as the project’s manifesto states, contemporaneity is not and cannot be considered merely one of many possible musical […]

21 May 2014

Those subjects we’d so have loved to study / 21 May 2014

Multidisciplinary, multicultural approaches; group research, international outlook and the glocal focus. How amazing! So many of us would have loved to study like this instead of being channelled, while still adolescents, into narrow paths of study in traditional faculties whose aim was to mould us into good lawyers, engineers and doctors. Forever! At 18, many of […]

14 May 2014

An app to make life better / 14 May 2014

It is a widely accepted fact that new technologies facilitate communication and the exchange of information. When used to help children with disabilities and complex illnesses, they can truly improve the quality of their lives and of their families.   Forced to experience various hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and community services for their many needs and […]

13 May 2014

Remembering is not enough / 13 May 2014

At the end of November, we had our first meeting with the MAXXI communications group, all of them women – like 90% of the people who work there – very talented; never had we been briefed so clearly and completely for a campaign. First off, they asked us our opinion on the title chosen by […]

23 April 2014

Mural landscapes / 23 April 2014

The Muri (Walls) photographed by Sergio Silvestrini are everywhere around us, but in order to see them and grasp their beauty, more than the appreciating technique applied, what is needed is an intense receptiveness and ability to be moved by these simple stories etched by time and the elements. We would like to share these […]

8 April 2014

La scelta del giallo

“Il colore giallo è il simbolo della luce ma anche dell’energia e della conoscenza. Chi ama il giallo è estroverso, non ha paura del cambiamento, è dotato di una fervente immaginazione. Il giallo favorisce la concentrazione la nascita delle idee, e dona vitalità. Nella scala cromatica il giallo occupa la posizione immediatamente dopo il bianco. […]