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To forge a clear and recognizable identity open to continuous change, simplifying and enhancing the many facets of what the Museum has on offer. To meet these requirements BCV formed a work group that spent over a year collaborating with us on in-depth analysis, synthesis, invention and planning under the direction of the Museum’s communications department. The results are therefore owed both to the art direction of Giovanna Mathis and Matteo Bartoli and to the close collaboration of Malica Worms, Rocco Viggiano, Giacomo Pevere, Edoardo De Stalis and Francesco Radino. The MAXXI visual identity system departs from the institutional logo, designed by Inarea and restyled to become a fulcrum for the entire system, a pivot point for the historic and the contemporary.

What we did


We selected 4 main principles upon which to build a system open to multiple variations and to permit a continuous and logical evolution: 1. All graphics divided into two fields; 2. Logo positioned on the centreline; 3. Use of a contemporary font; 4. Possibility of changing elements by passing from one side to another of the two fields in a variety of ways.

BCV associati per il MAXXI | Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo – Roma from BCV associati on Vimeo.